This Twitter Bot Turns Your Photos Into “Forgeries” In the Style of Famous Painters

Freelance news photographer Joel Goodman’s picture of a very drunken New Years Eve in Manchester, UK, looks almost like it could be a Renaissance painting. That fellow laying in the street reaching for his beer? Priceless. Thankfully the image just received the classic painting treatment from an exceedingly clever Twitter bot called DeepForger.

Here’s the original by Joel Goodman:


DeepForger generates images from a single photograph and a library of paintings from famous artists. The two are combined when a deep neural network extracts the style from the painting and an algorithm then combines the two patterns together. The results are strikingly human.

Created by A.I. programmer Alex J. Champandard, the bot is easy to use. Just submit your images to Twitter using these instructions and it will be converted. The system, currently in alpha, is based on original research from the University of Tuebingen and inspired by a publication from the University of Oxford. Find more images @DeepForger.

(via Prosthetic Knowledge)

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