“Mixed Reality” Where Sci-Fi is Jumping Into Real Life

What if you had a robot that could find your keys, bring you a cold drink, or pick up your dog’s toys? That’s the world that Paracosm is imagining as they craft a cloud-based software to build 3D models of real world environments.


In their latest video, they demonstrate how, once the real world is mapped, their software allows the virtual world to interact with it.

As we’ve seen with concepts like Microsoft’s HaloLens, software like this could help us to navigate large buildings, giving us floating turn-by-turn directions like real-life street signs placed just for us. It could bring gaming out into the physical world, letting us play with our local environment like never before. It could allow us to explore real world places, or design new ones as if we were already there.

But what also makes this exciting is when it’s applied to machines. By giving this form of spatial awareness and memory like never before. Remember where you put your keys? Maybe not… but your robot probably will.


(via Prosthetic Knowledge)

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