A Guy is Drawing a Butt a Day for 2016

Many artists make new year’s resolutions to try a new creative project. Sometimes, they make art to help them keep their resolution. Sometimes, they resolve to make more art. And while many of these resolutions are lofty (e.g., complete an oil painting, work on portraiture), Portland-based artist Charles Vestal has resolved to up his drawing game—one derrière at a time.


The idea of a 365-day project isn’t new. (Check out some of our favorites of 2015 here.) But we haven’t seen this subject before. High-class or low-bro, he’s mixing up his styles and we have to give him props for that—not to mention maybe the best URL of all time (Butts.lol). Take a look at his progress, and follow the Tumblr to keep up.

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