Edible Illusion: This Cake Changes Color from Opposite Sides

Unless you’re talking about the zoetrope cakes by Alexandre Dubosc, it’s not often we see optical illusions built into culinary arts. But that’s what YouTuber CharlotteSometimes did with her incredible, edible rainbow cake. From one side it appears to be red, yellow and pink, but turn it around and it transforms into purple, blue and green. How does she do it? With impeccable airbrushing skills.

Using the zig-zag surface in the frosting on the cake, Charlotte painted the cake using warm hues from one side, then with the cooler hues from the other. If you view the cake as it turns it appears to slowly change into an entirely different cake, especially if you spin it on a turn-table.

Got an airbrush handy? You can make your own color changing cake using this tutorial.

Color Changing Cake 11

Color Changing Cake 3

Color Changing Cake 4

Color Changing Cake 5

(via My Modern Met)

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