Badass Art to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we all need a little help. (Check out our tips to jumpstart yours right here.) Sometimes you need encouragement; sometimes you need accountability. And sometimes, you need inspiring to look at to keep you motivated. Whereas New Year’s resolutions are meant to inspire you, some designers have found inspiration in the resolutions themselves, turning them into their own works of art.

From posters, to hand-lettered pieces, to stop-motion, here are resolution-themed pieces to inspire your journey.

First up is the work of Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz. He illustrated 12 of the most common resolutions (which makes you realize how much we really all have in common) to serve as a well-designed reminder of your particular goal. If you like them, you can buy them here.


Indrė Bankauskaitė of Vilnius, Lithuania, also illustrated some of the most common resolutions, taking a more animated approach.


London-based designer Linzie Hunter also took a crack at bringing resolutions to life. Her hand-lettered pieces illustrate the more personal resolutions made around the world. Check out the pieces below and see the full gallery here.







Although it’s 2016 now, Studio Praktik‘s stop motion of things to do in 2014 is just as relevant as ever. Part resolutions, part to-do list, it’s a good little shot of inspiration in a short video.

Happy 2016, and good luck!

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