Martin Vargic Releases His Miscellany of Curious Maps (Including a Map of Literature)

The Internet is a vast world, one that 17-year-old Slovakian artist Martin Vargic set about mapping for his comprehensive (and Internet famous) 2014 Map of the Internet 1.0. Vargic took his inspiration from old National Geographic maps, channeling their meticulous detail and coloring, and has since illustrated a number of equally inventive creations.

Now he has released a fantastic book, Vargic’s Miscellany of Curious Maps, packed with 64 of his hit maps and infographics.

Vargics Map of Literature 2

Included is Vargic’s densely detailed Map of Literature which took 3 intense weeks to produce. The imaginary world sees one land mass forming a bridge from Renaissance to Baroque to Enlightenment and Romanticism, dotted with agreeable places like Daniel Defoe and Alexander Dumas, while surrounded by the Fiction Ocean and the Sea of Antagonists.

The details only get richer from there. Follow the currents in each body of water and you will find logical paths from one place to another, tracing literary history from old to new, and books from the Bible to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Vargics Map of Literature 3

Remember this is just one map in Vargic’s book. An additional fifty mini-maps of the world display “a diverse list of data, such as the number of heavy metal bands per capita, the probability of getting struck by lightning, average penis length, NSA surveillance rate, and number of tractors per 1,000 inhabitants.” Yes, this is a must read.

Vargics Map of Literature 4

Vargics Curious Maps book

(via VOX)

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