The New Canadian Passport Is a Big Party Under Black Light

The new Canadian passports look completely normal to the uninformed. There’s an information and photo page, along with the typical numbered pages covered with softly shaded Canada inspired imagery. But put the new passports under a UV light and everything changes.

It’s normal to have passport security features that are revealed by black light, but this is something special. Entire pages are covered with “optically variable ink” printed in festival-like imagery that interacts with the subtle images that were there in daylight. Glowing maple leaves and fireworks pop from the page. It’s like a party is secretly happening under your nose.

The new ePassports (electronic passports) were first introduced in mid-2013 and include a number of less beautiful (but equally important) features. There is a “see through register” which reveals the letters CAN when you hold the page up to normal light and, of course, the electronic chip which communicates your information to a computer.

If you like this, definitely check out the murals by Bogi Fabian. She creates the same effect for entire rooms.

Here are each pages secrets revealed by Redditor Gallowboob:

UV Canadian Passport 3

UV Canadian Passport 4

UV Canadian Passport 5

UV Canadian Passport 6

UV Canadian Passport 7

UV Canadian Passport 8

UV Canadian Passport 9

UV Canadian Passport 10

UV Canadian Passport 11

UV Canadian Passport 12

UV Canadian Passport 13

UV Canadian Passport 14

UV Canadian Passport 15

UV Canadian Passport 16

UV Canadian Passport 17

UV Canadian Passport 18

(via Reddit)

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