What If Fashionable Brands Showed Up In The Grocery Store?

Apple is often cited as the pinnacle of design in the electronics world, but what if the minimalist design sense of Jonathan Ive showed up on the dairy aisle of your local grocery store? That’s the world that Israel-based designer Peddy Mergui is imagining, transforming iconic brands into purveyors of a product they’ve never sold before: food.

(Above and below: You guessed it… that’s Apple iMilk)

Peddy Mergui Apple iMilk detail

The series Wheat is Wheat is Wheat, sees each brand perfectly tailored to well considered products. Ferrari selling pasta in bright red and yellow drums? Oranges enclosed in geometric boxes with an iconic Nike swoosh? Mergui often nails both the product and presentation each brand could take if food was in the business plan. Some are so right on that I’m surprised they aren’t real products upsold during checkout.

Rather than any sort of specific brand criticism, Mergui’s site says the series serves to highlight “both the contentious, potentially arbitrary connection that products have to packaging, and the ethically challenging conditions in which designers are asked to operate.” His work is thus a strong statement on the ultimate power of the brand, and a question of its intrinsic worth.

See more from Peddy Mergui here.

Bulgari Butter
Peddy Mergui Bulgari Butter

Cartier Coffee and HSBC Basmati Rice
Peddy Mergui Cartier Coffee & HSBC Basmati Rice

Chanel Infant Formula
Peddy Mergui Chanel Infant Formula

Dolce & Gabbana Tea Biscuits
Peddy Mergui Dolce Gabana Tea Biscuits

Ferrari Pasta
Peddy Mergui Ferrari Pasta

Gucci Pickles
Peddy Mergui Gucci Pickles

Louis Vuitton Salami
Peddy Mergui Louis Vuitton Salami

Nike Oranges
Peddy Mergui Nike Oranges

Prada Flour
Peddy Mergui Prada Flour

Tiffany Yogurt
Peddy Mergui Tiffany Yogurt

Versace Eggs
Peddy Mergui Versace Eggs

(via FastCoDesign)

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