A Magically Colorful House in the Woods

Over the past few years artist Kat O’Sullivan (aka “Katwise”) has been transforming her Woodstock, New York home into a rainbow of crazy colors. I don’t even think we’ve seen a cartoon this bright before, but strangely enough, it fits into the natural landscape wonderfully. The place is now surrounded by wildflowers and appropriately called “Calico”.

Built in 1840, the home was in a state of neglect when Kat first bought it. With far more projects than expected, she readily admits she didn’t know what she was getting into. But with the help of her large group of friends (or “ninja elves” as she playful calls them), the place is now filled with creative personality and unique decorations. Let’s take a tour:

The house before its transformation:

Katwise cabin 2

Work begins:

Katwise cabin 3

Katwise cabin 4

Katwise cabin 5

Katwise cabin 6


Katwise cabin 7

And after (now the house has far more landscaping):

Katwise cabin 8

The “Ballroom”:

Katwise cabin 9

Stairs, before/after:

Katwise cabin 10

The kitchen, before:

Katwise cabin 11

The kitchen, after:

Katwise cabin 12

Part of the kitchen transforms, with color inspired by the green toaster:

Katwise cabin 13

The attic, before:

Katwise cabin 14

The attic, after:

Katwise cabin 15

A built in library:

Katwise cabin 17

With hidden “speakeasy” bar:

Katwise cabin 16

Kat putting her colorful personality to work:

Katwise cabin 18

Flowers blooming in the garden:

Katwise cabin 19

…and covered in snow:

Katwise cabin 20

See loads more pictures of Kat O’Sullivan, her house, and her fun loving friends here.

(via ViralNova, Neatorama)

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