A Wearable Drone that Flies Off Your Wrist, Snaps a Photo and Flies Back

It sounds so bizarre. Why in the world would you want a drone with a camera strapped to your wrist? Then you watch the video below and… Aha!… it’s completely brilliant. Nixie is a concept for a wearable camera that pops off your wrist, turns into a quadcopter drone, and takes video or snaps pictures of you from the air. Put it in “boomerang” mode and it flies right back. Very cool.

The project is currently one of the finalists in Intel’s “Make It Wearable” competition (with its finale on November 3, 2014), and while the current prototype is still rough, it has loads of potential. The Nixie team and their captain, Christoph Kohstall, have visions of the wearable drone taking off and returning by gesture control… which would certainly make that mountain climbing scene in the video above MUCH easier.

Find out more about the project at the Make It Wearable site, on Facebook, or at FlyNixie.

Here’s another look at how Nixie could work:

Nixie wearable drone camera 1

Nixie wearable drone camera 5

Nixie wearable drone camera 7

Nixie wearable drone camera 8

(via Reddit)

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