This Satirical Facebook Art Is Pure Genius

Facebook. It’s a name that has come to represent many different things, and Polish artist/cartoonist Pawel Kuczynski has hit on most of them in his satirical series featuring the site’s iconic lower-case “f”. Far from hopping on the usual “invasion of privacy” bandwagon, Pawel explores the positive sides of the social media site too – from how convenient it makes connecting with people, to its use as a tool for social justice. In each of his images the blue “f” is present, acting as an integral character in the story Pawel is telling.

This is the kind of work Pawel excels at, and why we’ve covered him two times before (here and here). His work is always a genius mix of serious issues with a strong dose of humor. Each image challenges us to contemplate a deeper, often hidden meaning and gives us a greater understanding of the issues when we find it.

See more of this fine artists work on his personal site.

Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 2

Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 3

Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 4

Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 5

Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 6

Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 7

Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 8

Pawel Kuczynski Facebook 9

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