Light Up Paddleboards for Nighttime Adventures

File this under ‘Things You Must Do.’ Miami-based company NightSUP has been putting a bright new twist on stand up paddleboarding, making boards surrounded by a bright strip of LED lights. Originally designed to enhance safety on night paddles, the feature also gives you a fantastic view of the nighttime sea floor and its wildlife.

NightSUP 2

Ready to go? The company already has boards splashing around a number of Florida tour locations, but they also sell finished boards to the public and retrofit existing boards with a fiberglassed outside rail to enclose the lighting. Surrounded by about 40 feet of lights, the boards almost look like they’re levitating.


For a look at what a nighttime paddle is like, check out the video below (I’m pretty sure that dog is having the best time of its life).

NightSUP 3

NightSUP 4

NightSUP 5

NightSUP 6

NightSUP 7

NightSUP 8

NightSUP 9

NightSUP 10

via Bless This Stuff

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