Get Lost in Endlessly Repeating GIFs Based on Mesmerizing Math

There’s mesmerizing art hidden in math and physics, and Dublin-based physics student David Whyte is revealing it for us. His Tumblr site Bees & Bombs is chock full of creations that will delight you with their cleverly looping geometry in motion.

Whyte started his blog to create quirky GIFs he’d created himself – but when he started experimenting with Processing (an open source programing language created with the purpose of teaching the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual context), that’s when his creations really started to dance.

Above: Wheel Forever

David Whyte Mesmerizing GIFs 2Shrinking Triangles

His animations are deceptively simple at first glance – often featuring a monochromatic palette of black and white – but watch closely and you’ll see the underlying cleverness of each movement.

Just because he’s exceptionally cool, Whyte sometimes shares the code behind his creations. Find that on Twitter.

David Whyte Mesmerizing GIFs 3Weaving Stars

David Whyte Mesmerizing GIFs 4Rainbow Spinners

David Whyte Mesmerizing GIFs 5Splitting Squares

David Whyte Mesmerizing GIFs 6Four Rectangles

David Whyte Mesmerizing GIFs 9Rotators

David Whyte Mesmerizing GIFs 10Chessboard Stairs

via Laughing Squid & Colossal

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