Remixing Famous Architecture in Animated GIFs

Taking architecture into the 4th dimension, Axel de Stampa has created animated GIFs featuring some of the world’s most famous contemporary buildings. It’s a playful and mind bending experiment in architectural remixing.

Starting with an image of the original building, Stampa replicates, warps and redistributes elements found in the design language of each. He does such an incredibly good job fooling the eye, that even those familiar with the iconic structure could be left wondering if they’ve remembered it correctly.

The series of animations is part of Stampa’s ambitious 1 Week 1 Project. A “spontanious architecture” experiment where he and Sylvain Macaux (both architectural graduates from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris-Belleville) attempted to create one new architectural idea per week in 2013. They’ve now continued the project with a less demanding ideation schedule and this is just one example of the results.

Can you figure out the original state of each structure? Click “original” to see an image of the building in static, real-life.

(above: Zollverein School by Sanaa – original)

Mirador Building by MVRDV and Blanca Lleo (original)

Vitrahaus by Herzog & de Meuron (original)

Theatre Agora by UNStudio (original)

Emerson College Los Angeles by Morphosis

Memory Museum by Estudio America (original)

America’s Cup Building by David Chipperfield (original)

New Museum by Sanaa (original)

Absolute Towers by MAD (original)

via whudat

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