What Does Your Life Look Like in Weeks?

Depending on where you are in life, these graphics will either be highly motivating or panic inducing.

We all know our life has a limited number of years, and if we’re optimistic that might be 90. You’d think with such a small number like 90 we’d be more willing to make the most of each year, but most of us are pretty short sighted, letting each small day pass without any more motivation than getting to those two glorious days we call the weekend. Maybe there’s a better way to visualize this…

Tim Urban over at the hilariously thought provoking Wait But Why is helping us see our life broken down into its segments of time. Where does your life fit in?

First let’s look at the years of our life:


What if we break it down to the months of your life? 1080 of them if you make it to 90:


But we’re talking about weeks here. That’s more manageable length of time to keep in mind each day:


Here’s the best part. The life of a typical American broken down into weeks. While we might think the weeks stretch on forever, there are possibly just 4,680 of them. Where are you?


Be sure to check out the other graphs in this series at Wait But Why. You’ll find the life spans of famous people and their accomplishments.

It raises the obvious question: how are you spending your week?

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