Rube Goldberg Called. He Said This Video is Flipping Great.

You had one, I had one… we all had an old Nokia cell phone. Now that old phone has found its way into a clever new video that features a room filling Rube Goldberg machine… and it all starts with a phone call.

The video, called History in the Making, was created to celebrate the coming together of Nokia Devices and Services and Microsoft – and really, what better way to show the many aspects of two companies working together than a well performing machine?

Column Five, a Visual News partner and the agency behind the production, really went over the top – teaming up with Brett Doar who built the extensive mechanisms behind the GoldieBlox “Princess Machine” commercial and the viral OK Go! music video for ‘This Too Shall Pass’.

One of the highlights here is the Snake game created on a huge 18 x 18 light grid, featuring 324 bulbs and 80 switches to turn a number of them off. If you do the math, it was consuming about 4 kilowatts even with those small bulbs. You can read more about the project and see sketches of how it came together at

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