Pesky Potholes Transformed Into Exciting Surprises

Right up there with parking enforcement officers, potholes are one thing people love to hate. They normally go unnoticed until you bust your tire on one and for many people this can really turn a good day bad, so in Scranton, PA, an art company decided to create a new association for potholes- something much more cheery and fun. The Pop Up Studio began letting their creative juices flow right into the potholes to make them something to smile about. They started filling them with ice and beer and the community got quite a kick out of it. So they invited everyone in Scranton to participate, and the ones who best “positively fill negative space” can win 4 new tires or car washes for a year!


Scrantonites can submit their creations on the Pothole Popup website now through May 15th and public online voting will decide the winner. Check out some of our favorite submissions below and follow them on Facebook to cast your vote. One of the Pop Up Studio’s founding members, Ruth Koelewyn spoke with NBC Philadelphia about their hopes to transform peoples’ opinions of potholes. She said, “We want people to say things like, ‘Did you see that pothole out there? I think I could use it as a bathtub!'”

2 Pothole art

3 Pothole art

4 Pothole Art

5 Pothole art

6 Pothole art

7 Pothole art

8 Pothole Art

9 Pothole art


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