Addicted To Your Phone? Try These Signal Deflecting Clothes On For Size

In an age dominated by likes, tweets, and a constant flow of texts, it can be tough to take a break from technology. However, Japanese conceptual fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga comes to the rescue with modern clothing that will force you to tear your eyes away from your iPhone. Morinaga’s newest garment collection, FOCUS, is crafted from fibers that deflect electromagnetic waves and thus render your phone completely unusable. 


“Often [our phones] distract us from the things we really want to focus on like pursuing our goals, enjoying a moment with friends, appreciating the world around us,” Morinaga stated in regards to his hands-free fashion. Rather than creating an app to fix the challenges of modern life, Morinaga takes dramatic action to drive us to take a moment and truly log off.


A collaboration between Morinaga, PARTY, AID-DCC, and Trident, the pieces debuted during Toronto Fashion Week. While the collection functions more as an artistic statement than a form of practical fashion, FOCUS’ conceptual approach asks us to consider our own sheer willpower and choice to connect with the people and places in our immediate vicinity. Needless to say, we assume FOCUS will not be seen on Instagram anytime soon…


Via: Spoon Tamago

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