Steph Hanlon’s Painterly Tattoos Are Fine Art for Your Skin

Seattle tattoo artist Steph Hanlon is making art for your skin. Her eclectic mix of styles range from contemporary, to modern and classic, creating pieces that can appear to be everything from a brushed on watercolor to a fine pen illustration. It’s quite a combination, but that’s the way she likes it.

Hanlon’s work is similarly varied on it’s subject matter. She doesn’t shy away from creating stylized sailboats, wild foxes or classic models, but each carries her signature perfectionism.

Hanlon is part of a growing number of tattoo artists, like Sasha Unisex and Amanda Wachob, who have abandoned classic tattoo flash, from Sailor Jerry to tribal, in favor of work inspired by artists on canvas. You can see more of her work here.

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 2

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 3

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 4

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 11

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 5

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 6

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 7

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 8

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 9

Steph Hanlon Tattoos 10

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