Paint the Town Red… and Blue, and Green. A Mexican Town Gets a Colorful Makeover

The neighborhood of Colonia Las Americas in Querétaro, México is getting a colorful makeover. The first phase of the project began last November when neighbors and local volunteers started painting the community with the direction of urban art collective Boa Mistura.

The first phase saw 30 buildings painted in bright colors and patterns inspired by the art of the indigenous people of the area, the Otomíes. And, with two main state highways converging exactly at the center of Colonia Las Americas, it’s the perfect setting for such a magnificent project – one that’s sure to be seen daily by thousands. It’s something this working class neighborhood can be proud of.

In September the second phase will begin, with the eventual hope of re-painting the whole neighborhood of 1074 buildings. That’s a lofty goal, but with an enthusiastic community and enough paint, we’re sure they can do it. Learn more about the project at

Boa Mistura 12

Boa Mistura 13

Boa Mistura 14

Boa Mistura 15

Boa Mistura 16

Boa Mistura 17

Boa Mistura 2

Boa Mistura 3

Boa Mistura 6

Boa Mistura 8

Boa Mistura 9

Boa Mistura 11

Boa Mistura 10

This rendering shows what Boa Mistura is hoping the final project looks like:

Boa Mistura rendering

via designboom

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