‘The Sound of Color’ Graphic Uses Daft Punk and Beyonce Albums to Help You Pick Paint For Your Home

We’ve all been there, a house with walls to paint and no design degree or aesthetic abilities to save our life (just me?). Does painting a wall red mean you’re an angry schmuck? Does blue mean you’re a chipper bird?

Luckily, the folks at Kelly-Moore Paints have come up with some thought-provoking graphics that aim to inspire color choices based on your favorite music. The pieces come together through a project titled The Sound of Color.

Based on research from the University of California, Berkeley, our brains are wired to make music-color connections, depending on how the melodies make us feel. Using this research, The Sound of Color series features an emotional color spectrum based on color theory, and the brand then used Kelly-Moore Paints to create original palettes based on their five favorite albums.

What do you think? Do these color choices match the feeling you get from each album?


Based on UC Berkeley research, these are how some colors match up to common thoughts and feelings:


Graphics via Kelly-Moore Paints

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