Pictionary Style Minimalist Art Posters of Your Favorite Rock Bands

Who doesn’t love Pictionary and Win, Lose or Draw? Trying to use picture clues to make your friends guess what the heck you’re trying to draw. But what if the pace were slowed down and there was more time to think about what you’re going to draw? That’s kind of how these Literal Rock Band Icons by Tata & Friends are. They made these as a tribute to the bands they love. Test your rock band knowledge and scroll slowly through these. Try to guess each one before the answer is revealed. See more art by Tata & Friends on their website.



3 rock-band-icons

4 rock-band-icons

5 rock-band-icons

6 rock-band-icons

7 rock-band-icons

8 rock-band-icons

9 rock-band-icons

10 rock-band-icons

11 rock-band-icons

12 rock-band-icons

13 rock-band-icons

14 rock-band-icons

15 rock-band-icons

16 rock-band-icons

17 rock-band-icons

18 rock-band-icons

Via: Artnau

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