This Stop-Motion Animation Was Made with a 3D Printer

With highly accurate 3D animation the standard in today’s world, it’s refreshing to see someone taking animation back to its origins when every frame was hand made… even if they did use highly modern technology. The creative folks at DBLG recently finished up an in-house project that sees an animated bear walking up a never ending flight of stairs, and each frame in this animation was individually made in a 3D printer!

Bear on Stairs Stop Motion 3


To create Bear on Stairs the team designed and printed 50 individual 3D printed sculptures featuring their polygonal bear lumbering along. Each example was then precisely placed on their set, photographed and added to the final video, with the process taking a total of 4 weeks to complete. That’s some dedication for a 2 second clip! Take a look at the video below to see a quick run through the process and the final animation from a number of angles.

Bear on Stairs Stop Motion 3d printer

via Prosthetic Knowledge

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