Change Your Perception: You’ll Never Guess What’s Inside This Infinity Box

Although all of these pictures are pretty rad, they can’t even come close to what experiencing one of Matt Elson’s Infintiy Boxes is like. An amazing, interactive, human experience, sticking your head into one of the boxes reveals a playful world that is guaranteed to make you smile as you attempt to comprehend how on Earth you are seeing what is before you. By skillfully placing mirrors inside of the boxes, Elson composes unique illusions that play tricks on your perceptions. I was first introduced to the infinity boxes at Burning Man by the incredible, bouncy, beaming Vito Neo Reargo, who enthusiastically shared his experience with me.


According to Elson:

Philosophically the goal of The Infinity Boxes is to playfully explore human perception and social interaction. Aesthetically the goal is to create objects that draw the viewer in from a distance with the box’s odd beauty and become progressively less comprehensible during interaction. The Infinity Boxes are social by design and only ‘active’ when all available windows are filled with a person. These are boxes of mirrors about “The Other” and not “The Self”…The Infinity Boxes seek to create a state of self awareness of the process of seeing and through that to bring the participants into ‘presence’ of the moment.

Visit the Infinity Boxes Facebook page and become a fan and check out more work by Matt Elson on his website.

2 The Infinity Box

4 The Infinity Box

3 The Infinity Box

5 The Infinity Box

6 The Infinity Box

7 The Infinity Box

8 The Infinity Box

9 The Infinity Box

11 The Infinity Box

12 The Infinity Box

13 The Infinity Box

14 The Infinity Box

15 The Infinity Box

16 The Infinity Box

17 The Infinity Box

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