Welcome to Yakutsk, the Coldest City in the World

There’s cold, there’s freezing, then there’s Yakutsk. Located in Eastern Siberia, Yakutsk is recorded as the coldest city on earth. In January, the average temperature is minus 40F (-40C), and negative 70F (-57C) is not unheard of. Yet, in this cold city lives 270,000 people going about their daily lives.

There is a method to surviving the extreme cold temperatures and it chiefly involves staying inside as much as you can. When outside for 5-10 minutes, the stinging on ones face begins to become intolerable and even the hardiest Yakutsk local wouldn’t stay outside for longer than 20 minutes.


Those who have cars keep them in heated garages with blankets wrapped around the battery. When driving about the city, the engine always stays on. Most people wear fur, whether it is reindeer boots, muskrat caps or fox coats. Typically the winter lasts seven months until April, when the warmer weather of spring slowly seeps in. In July, the weather will reach the 90s (32C) before beginning another cold winter.





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