Toronto’s Anti-Ford Posters Are Hilarious… But Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

Toronto has some fascinating new mayoral candidates, and they’re promising to “just smoke pot as mayor, not crack” and never get caught urinating in public. “Wait,” you say, “aren’t those two things incumbent mayor Rob Ford has allegedly done while in office?” Yes, yes they are. These poster feature fake candidates with the tag line “Anyone’s better than Rob Ford.” It’s a hilariously pitched ad campaign, featuring characters who look as questionable as their statements. But is it going to help the anti-Ford constituents?

The discussion over on Reddit where these images really took off, has had some people laughing and lauding the campaign while others hope it will disappear quickly. While the posters are hilariously pitched, many are saying the “anyone but Ford” angle is simply going to divide the vote amongst the other candidates and allow Ford to win once again in the elections scheduled for October. One exchange between three perfectly named Redditors:

poorly obvious: Probably only confusing for a Ford voter.

AssholeCanadian: Ford Voter here. Nope. I love the signs. Divide and conquer.

FRIENDLY_CANADIAN: And finally, my nemesis, we meet.

Check out the campaign site for yourself over at

Anti Rob Ford Campain Posters 4

Anti Rob Ford Campain Posters 2

Anti Rob Ford Campain Posters 6

Anti Rob Ford Campain Posters 3

Anti Rob Ford Campain Posters 5

via Reddit

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