Incredible 3D Tattoos Jump Off the Skin

Tattoos that look like a 3D illusion are nothing new (we’ve covered some sweet ink before) but dig these prime examples from an Italian tattooist going by the name Lippo. His incredible ability to imitate reality gives each of his inked subjects a work of art that looks to jump from their skin… or be embedded in it.


In two examples here (above and below) Lippo has managed to do something not often seen – combine the illusion of a 3D tattoo on a 3D tattoo. Check out that compass rose being pealed apart by the classic nautical chart underneath; or how about the birds hovering over the skin of the person below, as that skin cracks away to reveal a blue, bird filled sky inside. I’m guessing Lippo has spent plenty of hours studying the illusory ceilings around his home Italy – the classic masters had a knack for this kind of work.

3d tattoos

Be sure to check out other work from Lippo, who certainly doesn’t limit himself to 3D illusions. Many of his works look like they were drawn with a paintbrush, others are photo-perfect representations of celebrities.

Lippo Tattoo 2

Lippo Tattoo 4

Lippo Tattoo 5

Lippo Tattoo 6

Lippo Tattoo 9

Lippo Tattoo 10

Lippo Tattoo 11

Lippo does a lot more than 3D illusions. Many of his tattoos are very painterly, often pulling inspiration from the strokes of a paintbrush:

Lippo Tattoo 8

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