Wood You Wear It? Geometric Clothing Made with Faceted Wood

Many of the fabrics we wear are made of large materials… from examples as different as fluffy cotton and long sticks of bamboo… preferably broken into very tiny pieces. But what about wearing your fiber in larger chunks? That’s a bit like what’s happening with this fashionable design collaboration employing faceted pieces of wood to form stylish men’s clothing.

Sruli Recht Faceted Wooden Clothing 2

German designer Elisa Strozyk has been experimenting with faceted wooden fabrics for a while now. The way they wrinkle geometrically creates an entirely new tactile experience, while the way their faceted wooden surfaces reflect light produces a distinctly digital yet organic appearance.

She teamed up with fashion-forward Icelandic menswear designer Sruli Recht to create the “cropped militia jacket” above and “loose sweater” below. Each example is made in walnut on a wool base, creating a half textile/half wood combination that is sure to fit far different than anything you’ve pulled on. Check out more from Sruli Recht (including the outrageous Forget Me Knot ring featuring a piece of his own skin) on Behance or at srulirecht.com.

Sruli Recht Faceted Wooden Clothing 4

Sruli Recht Faceted Wooden Clothing 5

Examples of Elisa Strozyk’s incredible wooden textile work:

Elisa Strozyk wooden textiles 1

Elisa Strozyk wooden textiles 2

Elisa Strozyk wooden textiles 3

Elisa Strozyk wooden textiles 4

Elisa Strozyk wooden textiles 5

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