If All Movies Were Made in the Mid-Century, These Would Be the Posters

I would SO go to more movies if the posters looked like these! Imagine every film existed in some time-suspended mid-century wonderland; the posters might look a lot like these exquisite remakes from Laurent Durieux. His perfect images capture movies from yesterday and today, all rendered with a delicious illustrative style that harkens back to the streamlined sensibilities of Raymond Loewy with the sci-fi imagination of H.G. Wells. Laurent creates posters caught in a perfect, Pleasantville-esque world, where days are sunny, and the good guys are really good.

Laurent Durieux Retro Movie Posters 3

Long working in the field of design, it was only in recent years that the Brussels-based illustrator and graphic artist gained international notoriety… especially when Steven Spielberg enjoyed his 2013 remake of the “Jaws” poster so much he bought a bunch for friends.


See Laurent’s shop or swing by his site for other posters featuring the likes of Vertigo, King Kong, The Mummy and his very own award-nominated retro-fantastic film, Hellville.

Laurent Durieux Retro Movie Posters 4

Laurent Durieux Retro Movie Posters 10

Laurent Durieux Retro Movie Posters 7

Laurent Durieux Retro Movie Posters 9

Yes, “Rear Window” isn’t a modern movie… but this was just too good not to show you:

Laurent Durieux Retro Movie Posters 8

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