This Guy Recreated Famous Movie Romance Scenes With His Boss’s Dog

Chris Naka has been reenacting famous romance movies with his boss’s dog. Yeah, we know that sounds suspect… but the results are hilarious, and hilariously awkward.

“My boss brings her dog Wrigley to work every day, and for the past month we’ve been reenacting romance scenes from movies. It all started with a stupid Titanic photo, but things escalated quickly…”

From the famously sexy leg of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate, to some upside-down making out in Spiderman, this canine/human romance has all the classics covered. And if you’re wondering where you can spend so much time being “creative,” Chris (aka mmsspp) works at the Blue Man Group in Chicago… a place where creative, zany things are just part of the show. He and the team took just 10-15 minutes during their lunch breaks to capture each scene, with some extra drying time for that drenched scene from The Notebook. We’re not sure who looks more uncomfortable acting out these scenes, Chris or Wrigley.

(Above: The Graduate)

The Notebook
Romance with Dog Chris Naka 1

Romance with Dog Chris Naka 3

Romance with Dog Chris Naka 4

Brokeback Mountain
Romance with Dog Chris Naka 5

Top Gun
Romance with Dog Chris Naka 6

Dirty Dancing
Romance with Dog Chris Naka 7

Sixteen Candles
Romance with Dog Chris Naka 8

The one that started it all: Titanic
Romance with Dog Chris Naka 9

via My Modern Met

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