Mind-bending 3 Dimensional Paintings by Mad King

It’s hard to say what’s cooler: artist Mad King’s philosophy on art or the art itself. The self-taught artist AKA Jake Johanson creates paintings by hand that you feel like you could walk right into. Repeating patterns and geometric shapes give each piece a mind-bending three dimensionality that top layer objects appear to float upon. Based in Denver, he has painted entire walls in this style, but these images can not even do justice to what seeing the paintings in reality is like. Since he uses metallic paints and multiple sheens of poly-acrylic paints, a picture can never show the depth and variety of designs that is produced in different light settings.


On one of his blog posts, Mad King shared an interesting new plan to fulfill his calling to create and his needs for survival:

I’m gonna try and do something entirely different, I have needs that currently I can only meet by engaging in our current monetary system, so every week I’m going to give away a piece of artwork and also post a piece of artwork asking for just the cost of the needs I have that week. This is all heady scary stuff, but I’m willing to make this commitment and do my little part to help foster and nurture a gift economy. I’m going to be utterly transparent in what my needs are and hopefully by pursuing my “calling” rather than my “career” I already have a community that I hope is willing and capable of supporting that. I’m deeply grateful for the special circumstance that has afford me the opportunity to explore different economic models… and I’m hopeful this is something we can do together.

Imagine how beautiful the world could be if every artist had the courage to fully pursue their passions. Check out more work by Mad King on his website and Facebook.

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