The Radiating Beauty of Wheel Icicles

In the frigid lands of the great white north, when the temperatures are just the right kind of cold, strange things can happen on the roads. No, I’m not talking about sliding into giant snow drifts, or even driving on a frozen lake… I’m talking about the beautiful phenomenon of wheel icicles.


With half melted droplets of water landing on the central hub of a wheel, they are flung outward in straight lines or curving arcs – something that would go totally unnoticed in warmer areas. Here however, the freezing temperatures won’t let the drops escape and create long icicles radiating from the wheels center and lug nuts. The result is a beautiful testament to driving in challenging conditions.

Tire Icicles 2

Tire Icicles 3

Tire Icicles 4

Tire Icicles 5

Tire Icicles 6

Tire Icicles 7

Tire Icicles 8

via deformutilation & tywkiwdbi

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