A Slice of Time on A Crowded Subway Platform: Stunningly Clear High Speed Video

Somewhere along the border of still photography and motion picture lies the stunning high speed footage shot on Adam Magyar’s self-constructed slit screen camera with homemade software. Over a span of just seconds, on a busy NYC subway platform, there is so much going on and Magyar slows it down so that we can see how much our eyes miss. Hundreds of lives, all on a different path, converge for a moment on a single subway platform, likely never to line up in that same way again.


In an interview for an article in PDN Magazine, Magyar said:

In many of my Urban Flow images, people look like they are walking on a stage heading towards the same destination. And I’m asking the same questions with Stainless which is made of subway trains pulling into the station. What happens between entering and exiting this flow? Can we leave any trace behind? Do we have a genuine choice what track we follow? …The Stainless carriages themselves could be considered the society or our minds that we live in. There are phases in our lives, people come to join us and decide to leave later and all we know about the world is what we see in this carriage, we don’t know what’s outside it, it’s all suspended in darkness. So, the carriage we‘re travelling in while we’re alive protects us, help us go from A to B, but it’s also a cage that would keep us from seeing the world as a whole.

Spend some time checking out more work by Adam Magyar on his website and read what his works are all about in the descriptions of each project and his artist statement.

Via: medium.com

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