This 9 Month Pregnant Ballerina is Still Dancing

Standing in pointe shoes is impressive in itself. Doing it on one leg while 9 months pregnant is unbelievable… until you see these photos. Mary Helen Bowers, who trained Natalie Portman for her ballerina debut in Black Swan, is due to deliver a baby any day now, and has beautifully documented her pregnancy and dance skills on Instagram. The professional dancer began studying at the School of American Ballet in Manhattan as a full scholarship student at age 15. By 16 she was invited to join New York City Ballet, where she was a ballerina for 10 years.


The soon to be mommy has transformed her years of dancing expertise into a fitness program for women in search of that ever sought-after ballerina body. She teaches her program, which she calls Ballet Beautiful, at her SoHo studio as well as through a series of DVDs. Perhaps her baby will come out in arabesque pose.

Mary Helen Bowers 1

Pregnant Ballerina

Pregnant Ballerina

Mary Helen Bowers 4

Mary Helen Bowers 5

Mary Helen Bowers 6

Mary Helen Bowers 7

Mary Helen Bowers 8

Mary Helen Bowers 10

Mary Helen Bowers 11

Mary Helen Bowers 12

Via: twentytwowords

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