Burberry’s New Mens Fragrance Supported Through Series of Videos Exploring Emerging British Musicians

There’s a British music obsession going on at Burberry. As the brand brings their Prorsum line back from Milan to London, they have recently launched a British influenced fragrance – Burberry Brit Rhythm – the label’s first men’s fragrance in 5 years, and their first since bringing their beauty business back in-house. For the launch, they’ve teamed up with NOISEY to explore the excitement of performance as told through the experience of six, guitar toting Brit bands you should definitely know about.

Just what’s so special about British music? While that’s a hard question to pinpoint, we’d suggest that like the 157 years of fashion that Burberry represents, current music coming from the British isles often has the unique ability to push innovation forward while arriving tastefully refined… even if it absolutely rocks your socks off in the process.

Here we bring you an example of this ear, eye and nose pleasing series: featuring the insights of trip hop trio London Grammar and their pre-show recollections about listening to their parents’ classic records.

To experience more, including written articles from these emerging artists and a growing collection of imagery created by leading Instagram photographers selected by Designer Christopher Bailey himself, head over to the Sound + Rhythm Tumblr.


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