Emptyland: Hollow Animal Pairs Unravel Before Your Eyes

Most of us have all experienced strange dreams in our lifetimes, but not all of us have the ability to bring them to life through illustration. Two years ago, on a flight from Miami to Madrid, Barcelona-based illustrator Jaume Montserrat had a surreal dream that he could not get out of his mind. In the dream he felt as though he had woken up on an island filled with hollow, asexual, peaceful creatures- one of each species- that lived together symbiotically. He felt as if he was in a space-time vacuum and lived on the island for a month, watching the sun rise 29 times before he awoke and realized it was all a dream. He was inspired to create this series which he calls Emptyland.


Montserrat explains his dream:

[The animals] did not eat because they did not need and therefore to dispense with the obligation to feed, for many of them, that dispense supposed to hunt or be hunted. They lived in a constant symbiotic fauna beings where everyone helps each other. Smaller, such as reptiles, strongly clinging to large mammals that can not take the wind. I conclude therefore that in that space empty and we were all immortal, two difficult feelings to assimilate. I devoted myself to outline and analyze my surroundings, it was not more in this case: Empty Animals. I learned to live with them, no worries, no need to feed. Vacuum packed. And I missed pondering the existence of a God, and if so how would, if it were rather a Darwinian evolutionary process in parallel, or just to enjoy the freedom of the empty reality.

Check out more imaginative illustrations by Jaume Montserrat on his website.

7 Jaume Montserrat

6 Jaume Montserrat

5 Jaume Montserrat

4 Jaume Montserrat

3 Jaume Montserrat

2 Jaume Montserrat

1 Jaume Montserrat

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