Impossible Yet Awesome Architecture by Victor Enrich

Sometimes the most amazing things to see are the ones that don’t exist in “real life.” Photoshop, in the hands of a gifted digital artist, has brought us some of the most magnificent things like a baby fruit ninja and of course, dogbirds AKA dirds, and now Barcelona-based artist and photographer Victor Enrich brings us buildings that could never be- at least not on Earth. Since just about everything imaginable is likely to exist somewhere in this vast universe, perhaps there is a planet where sideways, or spiral, floating buildings could be the norm and it appears Enrich is tapping into that planet in this surreal series.


The original photos, which Enrich digitally manipulated were taken in Munich, Germany. Check out the video of this collection, which Enrich calls NHDK, below, then see more of his mind-bending creations from locations all over the world here.

8 Victor Enrich

7 Victor Enrich

6 Victor Enrich

5 Victor Enrich

4 Victor Enrich

3 Victor Enrich

2 Victor Enrich

1 Victor Enrich

NHDK from victor enrich on Vimeo.


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