Stop-Motion LEGOs: An Amazingly Accurate Remake of ‘The Blues Brothers’ Legendary Mall Car Chase

Bricktease Blues Brothers

When it comes to old-school movie chase scenes, there are few that match the epic destructiveness of the classic mall car chase from The Blues Brothers. Similarly, there are few classic toys that have quite stood the test of time like LEGO. That’s just one part of why this creation from Australian stop-motion animator Duncan McConchie is so incredibly cool. It’s matched nearly frame for frame with the original film and features the same cool dialogue from John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd at their very best.


Duncan McConchie, who runs the stop-motion LEGO themed Bricktease on Youtube, spent an incredible about of time getting everything right in this video – from the shop displays inside the mall, to the breaking glass (which he admits was far from his favorite part of the process). In some cases he spent over 15 minutes shooting just one frame of the film.

Be sure to catch the impressive “making of” video below, and also McConchie’s other fantastic animations, including the slick opening scene from Casino Royale.

A side by side comparison of the original film and the LEGO remake:

See what went into this highly detailed remake:

Via Laughing Squid

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