2D or Not 2D? Photographer & Make-up Artist Team Up to Play Tricks on Your Mind

8 Alexander Khokhlov

After receiving much attention for his last black and white face-painted photography series Weird Beauty, Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov is back with another unique concept and a lot more color. Teaming up again with Valeriya Kutsan, one of the best make-up artists in Russia, they have created a new series called 2D or Not 2D that transforms the faces of models into 2-dimensional paintings. Using various techniques, like pixelation, collage, cartoon outlines, and colorful shading, the only tell tale sign left that these pictures are even photographs are the models’ eyes peering from the painting.


The close-up images are absolutely stunning and it’s hard to believe that Khokhlov just discovered photography in 2007. At the end of 2008, he realized that fashion and beauty photo was his calling, although it is far less popular and emphasized in Russia schools of photography, which focus mainly on journalism and more classic forms. According to an interview with Thrashlab, the best piece of advice Khokhlov has ever been given in regards to photography is “Believe that you’re cool!” He’s not the only one who believes he’s cool- he’s been written about in publications all over the world! See more of his work on his website and 500px.

2 Alexander Khokhlov

1 Alexander Khokhlov

3 Alexander Khokhlov

4 Alexander Khokhlov

5 Alexander Khokhlov

6 Alexander Khokhlov

7 Alexander Khokhlov

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