Grey Power: Grandparents Photographed Just Like Their Grandkids Drew Them

Yoni Lefevre Grey Power header

In our modern society, the elderly are often perceived as having lost their independence, and though they built much of what we see now, they are even seen as having little to contribute. There is a part of our population who never think that: grandchildren. Yoni Lefevre is out to set the record straight, showing the elderly as kids see them – people full of life, ready to juggle many things at once and ready to share copious amounts of love. She recruited four children, ages 10-11, and asked them to draw their grandparents as they imagined them. She then teamed up with photographer Nick Bookelaar, who captured the real-life grandparents dressed just like their grandkids vision. The series is called Grey Power.

“I hope to contribute to a more colorful and positive perspective on aging”, says Lefevre.


Her resulting series certainly does that. From grandparents making art or playing tennis – to having multiple arms for fishing, ironing, soccer and gardening all at once – it seems there’s nothing they can’t do! And the truth is, this really is what the older generation is capable of doing… it just takes the right perspective to realize it. Find out more about the series and Yoni Lefevre on her personal website.

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