Watch This Heartwarming Timelapse of a Homeless Veteran Getting a Makeover

Veteran Makeover 1Veteran Makeover 2

Putting vanity aside, looking good can be a huge boost to your ego and make a big difference in your life. That’s the chance that Degage Ministries recently gave to homeless US army veteran Jim Wolf. After decades of dealing with poverty, homelessness and alcoholism, he volunteered last September to go through this physical transformation and have it filmed as a timelapse… what a difference a few minutes can make.


This moving video serves as a reminder that beneath the many years of struggle, homeless people are just like everyone else. With a society to lend a hand and believe in them, perhaps the streets of the world can have a happier face.

We don’t want to spoil it – to hear how Jim Wolf is doing today, watch to the end of the video.

via buzzfeed

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