A Smart Animation Explores the Magnitude of our Solar System [Infographic]


The last time I went to the planetarium it was in Delhi, India. I didn’t expect much from the domed structure with swarms of kids inside, but in fact I was blown away. It’s a hard thing to show the magnitude of the universe and impress people with its true scale – but even the rough idea I saw that day was mind blowing. This video from German design trio Kurzgesagt takes a whole different angle, impressing us with facts about the form of our solar system in flat infographic form. The result is informative and even jaw dropping when you consider the facts.

Just how big is Jupiter? How much does Saturn weigh? The answers come fast and furious, and definitely leave you amazed by Earths ideal life giving atmosphere.


Kurzgesagt began as a project aimed at creating quick science lessons, and was inspired by other educators putting content on Youtube. “We just want to make beautiful content that makes science more popular,” Philipp Dettmer tells Co.Design. Previous animations have included shorts on climate change, how evolution works and a video on fracking that has garnered over a million views.

via Co.Design

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