Hovenring: This is the First Suspended Bicycle Roundabout

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When a roundabout intersection in the bicycle loving Netherlands became too busy for cars and bikes to share space, the design agency ipv Delft came up with a beautiful solution to separate the two transportation forms completely: an elevated bicycle roundabout. Located on the border of Endhoven and Veldhoven, the bike path is fittingly called the Hovenring (yeah, we read that hover-ring at first too). The structure holds the distinction of being the first suspended bicycle roundabout in the world.

The entire futuristically styled ring is supported by the needle shaped central pylon, lending the delicately designed structure an appearance of levitation. This is only enhanced by a shape that resembles a flying saucer and night time illumination around, above and below the ring.


The design completely changed the traffic layout of the intersection. Car traffic is now a conventional street crossing controlled by traffic lights – deemed more efficient for traffic flow – while the circular bike path is now served by on-ramps flowing into the ring from 6 different locations. Yes, bike traffic is busy in the Netherlands, and that makes us happy. For more details on this project see the Hovenring website.

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