Now and Then: Aged Faces of Centenarians Are Restored to Youth

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Both expectations and memory are funny things. For the youth of the world, they never expect to get old… but it slowly sneaks up on everyone. For the old, it’s often hard to remember just what it was to be youthful. This captivating series puts the effect of aging front and center, showing captivating images of elderly people and then a quick sweep back to their youth in the same pose.

How striking it is to see the changes age brings to the body. Ears and noses get bigger; skin becomes wrinkled and sags… but fascinatingly, underneath we can still clearly see the same person. Unlike real life, where these processes happen over subtle and sneaky years, here we see the transition in a second. This staggering collection of photos, called Faces of Century, were taken by Czech photographer Jan Langer. He placed the centenarian shots beside archived reference photos of each in his/her youth for his upcoming exhibit at the Czech Centre Gallery in Vienna.


Check out more from this collection and other works by Jan Langer on his website, where you can also find his contact information. Czech newspaper Aktuálně transformed Langer’s works into sliding video files. You can see the original slideshow and soundtrack that will accompany Langer’s exhibit here.

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