Bringing Sexy Back to Biking: High Heeled Cycling Shoes

biking high heels

Riding your bike is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon foot print, but what’s the point of riding if you can’t show off the shapely calf muscles you’ve built up by commuting this way? Ask any lady the best way to strut sexy gams and nine out of ten will tell you: stilettos. Before now high heels and bicycles never mixed, but we’ve found some amazing images that bring you the best of both worlds. That’s right- pumps for bikes- and we’re not talking about the type that puts air in your tires- we mean high heeled shoes that bring sexy back to your daily commute! Everyone knows that beauty is pain, so who in their right mind would want to take off the heels they’ve been wearing all day at work to slip into hideous traditional biking shoes that look like an adult version the shoes you wore in kindergarten before you learned how to tie?


While these first two images may be more of a joke, the following three were created by a Bay Area man by the name of Corwin, and he kindly shared his procedure on Instructables! The high-heel clip-less cleat bike shoes were made from scratch for his girlfriend at the time, which you can see by the beautifully engraved box, was named Zoe. He explains:

Indeed, it was a challenge. The project spanned about 18 months, and sadly, outlived my relationship. However, don’t let this dissuade you – if I had worked straight though on the project, it would have only taken a few months, and if you can make these shoes, you are probably capable of not losing the relationship with a wonderful girl.

If I ever actually wanted to ride a bike with heels on, I would definitely give Corwin’s DIY technique a whirl.

Above: Red pumps found here Below: Black pumps found here
2 biking-heels

Following 3 images via Instructables
3 cycling clip on high heels

4 cycling high heels

5 biking high heels

Yellow Pumps- Bike Shoes by Camper
Camper Yellow Pump Bike Shoe 1

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