ExxonMobil Goes After FXX For Its Use of Interlocking ‘XX’ in New Logo


ExxonMobil Corp. is none-too-pleased about FX Networks LLC’s latest branch of television programming, FXX. Though, their complaint is a bit different from fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s qualms of having to tune in to a different channel to catch the programming their used to, ExxonMobil is suing FX Networks to block their use of a logo the oil company says infringes upon their current branding.

The new network which began official programming last month, features a logo with a similar looking interlocked ‘XX.’ The filing includes multiple citations to Internet postings in which viewers express curiosity about a potential relationship between FXX and the oil company based on the logo similarity.

On page 4 of the ExxonMobil filing, the brand’s lawyers note that, “Over the years, ExxonMobil has invested great effort and resources promoting its EXXON stations in this District and elsewhere in the United States, and spent many millions of dollars advertising them.

Julie Henderson, a spokesperson for FX Networks was rather chipper on the matter, as is cited in a Bloomberg writeup:

“It is unfathomable” that a consumer would confuse Exxon’s logo with that of FXX, she said. “We are confident that viewers won’t tune into FXX looking for gas or motor oil and drivers won’t pull up to an Exxon pump station expecting to get ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’”

What do you think, is FXX’s  branding an infringement upon longtime X-interlocker ExxonMobil? Or is the oil giant taking their brand image a bit too seriously? Sound off in the comments!


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