Unreal Pagan ‘Pop Paintings’ by Nicola Verlato


Italian born artist Nicola Verlato creates paintings deeply rooted in the Renaissance painting tradition. He began drawing and painting at an early age, and begged his parents to teach him how to paint like the great Italian masters. When he was 9 a client of his family’s winery mentioned Fra Terenzio, a monk who taught people how to paint in his studio in the Franciscan monastery a few miles away. He spent 5 summers there, learning the techniques that would turn his future works into stunning explorations in lighting, skin tone, poses, and texture. His newest solo show titled “Pagan Pop” is a collection of oil paintings that are more “pop” than anything he’s done before.


Verlato’s latest exhibition revolves around three large-scale paintings that are a revival of medieval narrative painting. They meld traditional techniques with lasting pagan elements that have survived the advent of monotheistic religions and modernity.

He has a really cool story behind his painting ‘Hunting the Haunted Painting’, which is based on an actual haunted painting by an American artist in 1972. It’s done in the style of an early renaissance predella altar painting, and captures the moment where a little boy from a painting on the wall materializes into the bedroom, floating in space. The children are jumping out of bed trying to get away, as the mother comes barging into the room, who is then frozen in her tracks by the little boy apparition. “This painting is a metaphor for the power of figurative painting, which, even today, after a couple centuries of photography, TV and video games, is still able to bewitch the mind of the modern viewer,” Verlato explains.






via Faith is Torment

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