A Mobile, Inflatable Concert Hall for Tsunami-Ravaged Japan

How do you bring joy to the areas of tsunami-ravaged Japan? Bring them music. How do you house such an event? According to British-Indian designer Anish Kapoor, you create an inflatable concert hall unlike any other. The new venue, dubbed Arc Nova will be touring earthquake and tsunami effected areas of Tohoku, spreading joy and giving encouragement in the form of music.

Arc Nova is the first concert hall of its type, taking roughly 2 hours to inflate and holding about 500 people. The wooden benches inside the structure were created by volunteers during a workshop in August out of tsunami-damaged cedar trees.


“Ark Nova is the first mobile inflatable concert hall,” Anish Kapoor told the Telegraph. “We felt that the site in Matsushima, amidst the destruction of the tsunami, needed a temporary structure and an inflatable seemed to be appropriate.”

The first performance in this unusual, and unusually beautiful space is scheduled for October 12th. The complete schedule can be found on their website at ark-nova.com.







via Spoon & Tamago

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