Make Like a Tree and Leaf! The Tree People by Marko Prelic

Tree People 8

I couldn’t help the cheap joke in the title, but these Photoshopped images from serbian photographer Marko Prelic are truly tasteful… if not a bit whimsical too. In each, we see a normal human figure, photographed in black and white, complete with a tree for their head. This unusual vision could have a number of symbolically tree-based meanings.

Could it be that these people are rooted in their native land? Are they growing there? Looking at the often missing branches, I’d doubt it. Here it looks like winter and a time for cutting back. Perhaps these people are stuck, unable to grow or stifled in their difficult surroundings.


Whatever the meaning behind Prelic’s beautiful photographs, each is notable for its surprisingly real appearance – something that truly deserves the title sur-real. You can see more of his work on Behance or his nude and fashion work on his personal website.

Tree People 1

Tree People 2

Tree People 3

Tree People 4

Tree People 5

Tree People 6

Tree People 7

Tree People 9

Tree People 10

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