Smith Allen Studio Introduces 3D Printed Architecture to the World


Since 3D printing technology has been introduced, we’ve seen it used for high heel shoes, skateboards, photo booths that make a miniature 3D figurine, and even 3D holograms of unborn babies. The possibilities for this line of machinery seem endless and Smith Allen Studio is taking things to an even larger scale with the world’s first 3D-printed architecture. The Oakland-based duo that comprises Smith Allen Studio is Bryan Allen and Stephanie Smith and their latest structure called Echoviren is made up of 3D-printed bricks. The white bio-plastic structure, which measures 10x10x8 feet, stands proud amidst a forest of Redwood Trees, and will safely decompose in 30-50 years.


The Echoviren project used seven 3D printers (on site) which ran persistently for the two months it took to complete the project. To print all 500 of the unique parts, it took a total print time of 10,800 hours- this does not include any of the time spent assembling the massive installation, which added an additional four days. Check out more work by Smith Allen Studio on their website.







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